Geshe Jampal Study Group - Collected Topics

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About the course:

In order to pursue the study of major Buddhist philosophical treatises thoroughly, it is paramount to first go through the study of collected topics, the study of logical reasoning, the study of tenets, and the study of grounds and paths. If one directly touches the study the great treatises without going through these basic studies, it will be hard to study and understand the great treatises.


Regarding the Study of Collected Topics, it is usually considered as the key to the study of the five major Buddhist treatises, namely, Prajnaparamita, Madhyamikavatara, Pramanavartika, Abhidharmakosha, and Vinaya. It is also the abridged text of the five major treatises containing topics from all of them; hence, it is called the Study of Collected Topics.

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- Duration: starts on Sunday January 8th, 2023 & ends on sunday June 25th, 2023.

- Date: every Sunday from 10-12am CET.

- Language: Tibetan with English translation.

- Location: online via video conference.

- Recordings: will be available for all registered participants.

- Price: € 10 per teaching = € 250 in total.

- Payment facilities: € 225 for full one-time payment upon registration (10% discount) OR € 50 at registration and 5 monthly payments of € 40.

REGISTRATION: to join the study group, please send an email to with name, family name, email address, address, birth date, phone number and your payment option. 

8 januari 2023
Begin- 10:00
26 februari 2023
Einde - 12:00 Europe/Brussels


Promenade Saint-Jean l'Agneau 4
4500 Huy
+32 (0)85 27 11 88
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